Elevate your return

by simplifying your scrap metal recycling process

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Our mission is to simplify our customers’ scrap metal recycling processes and elevate their return, all while maintaining the highest level of integrity and quality service.

ALL-MET has over 200 industrial accounts in southern california

from Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego and Orange County

Custom-Made Programs

All-Met creates a custom-made recycling program with their professional service, quality equipment, and competitive pricing to meet the specific needs of each organization.

Industrial Scrap Metal

When material is received, it is processed to the highest of standards to maximize prices that mills, smelters, foundries and export markets pay in the current scrap market.

These methods of processing include visual and XRF inspection, metal grade and type sorting, shearing, torching, and briquetting.

All of this is achievable because of the extensive industrial equipment All-Met has on site for maximum and efficient customer service. Equipment can be customized to fit a customer’s machinery and provided bins can be equipped with lids that are watertight to meet storm water specifications.

ALL-MET recycles and purchases the following materials

Aluminum Profiles

All Grades Aluminum

Titanium Shavings


Brass Bars

All Grades Brass

Copper Wires

All Grades Copper

Stainless Steel Tubes

All Grades Stainless Steel

Carbide Drill Bits


Cobalt Gears

Cobalt Alloy

Steel Square Tubing


Nickel Base Alloy

Nickel Base Alloy

Nickel Copper Alloy

Nickel Copper Alloy

Nickel Cobalt Alloy

Nickel Cobalt Alloys

Moly Alloys

Moly Alloys

Founder, Manuel A. Chavez

65 Years of Excellence

All-Met Recycling was founded in 1957 by Manuel A. Chavez. All-Met was originally located in Los Angeles California and later moved to its existing facility in Anaheim California in 1984. Manuel’s legacy proudly lives on with a management team comprised of 3 generations of the Chavez family. All-Met has become one of the leaders in the scrap metal industry with its effective and efficient processes and programs that help serve its growing customer base.

The Anaheim facility approximately takes over 4 acres of land. This expansion has given All-Met the ability to process, bale, and export over 6 million pounds of scrap metal per month.

Today, All-Met services over 200 industrial accounts throughout Southern California and over 20 local scrap dealers.

Over the years, All-Met has built relationships with many consumers both domestic and abroad. All-Met can offer the most consistent and competitive pricing in the industry by doing all work on-site at headquarters cutting out the middleman. This business practice allows All-Met to optimize the customer’s profit. By working with All-Met customers receive organized, prompt, and professional metal recycling services. All material is sorted and processed by trained and experienced metal processors.

Founder, Manuel A. Chavez

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For all inquiries please contact our office using the form below, or at info@allmetrecycling.com or (714)528-6013