Advanced Metal Recycling Facility Dedicated To Helping Your Company Increase Revenue
While simultaneously helping the environment

All-Met Recycling Inc. operates from Anaheim serving Orange County, Riverside County, San Diego County, Los Angeles County and also some other parts of California. Since our inception some 55 years ago, we have let the following points guide us through our daily business activities:

  • Conduct all business with the utmost integrity
  • Maximize customer scrap returns through competitive pricing and customer driven service standards
  • Provide customers with the tools to monitor their own scrap generation and better understand global scrap markets
  • Continue to improve our services through technology, controlled expansion, and new product offerings

Following those four principles improved our reputation and service quality besides maximizing your return. We recycle and process scrap metals ourselves, on-site at our headquarters cutting out the middle man to optimize your profit. Go through our website to know more
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Recycling Metals Since 1957